Y O U R  –  A S S I G N M E N T

1. Pelajarilah dan diskusikan artikel berikut ini dalam kelompok kecil (Maksimum 1 klp = 3 orang)

a. the-effects-of-leader-motivating-language-use-on-worker

b. folder accounting

c. folder management

d. folder education

2. Play the following video and discuss with your frieds next to you what is the video talking about!

Introduction of Accounting Information System Video

Introductory Lecture on Accounting Information Systems

Research Methods

Alan Bryman on Research Methods

Alan Bryman on Research Methods


  1. Managerial Accounting Study Aid Materials

    Managerial accounting courses across America teach the same concepts presented here. This is what your professor wants you to know! – CachedSimilar

  2. Management AccountingAccountingLearning Materials

    The following constitutes a full list of resources on Biz/ed relating to Management Accounting. All resources are applicable for Levels 3 and 4 unless – CachedSimilar

  3. Introduction to Managerial Accounting Information Center:

    Additionally, NetTutor and the Online Learning Center provide your students with a variety of multimedia aids to help them learn managerial accounting. – CachedSimilar

  4. Managerial Accounting Information Center:

    With insightful chapter openers, the popular Managerial Accounting in Action student reading Garrison should never have to ask “Why am I learning this? – CachedSimilar

  5. Shopping results for learning managerial accounting

    Financial and Managerial Accounting

    Rated 4.0 out of 5.0

    24 reviews – $113 new, $133 used – 21 stores

  6. Lawrence Gordon Managerial Accounting: Concepts and Empirical

    Managerial Accounting Concepts and Empirical Evidence On-Line Learning Center Chapter 1: Managerial Accounting: Conceptual Framework Chapter 2: Profit

  7. Managerial Accounting | Free Managerial Accounting | Learn

    Visit for Free Managerial Accountinglearn Managerial Accounting for free at Academic Tutorials. Also contains Managerial Accounting Quiz and Managerial – CachedSimilar

  8. ACCT 207 Managerial Accounting : Courses : Online Learning : Lake

    Managerial Accounting. Instructor: Loann Nelson. Getting Started: …. and Communications, Teaching and Learning, Multimedia and Information Technology.

  9. Improving the Effectiveness of Professional Education: Learning

    Title: Improving the Effectiveness of Professional Education: Learning Managerial Accounting via a Complex Case. Authors: Carter, Melissa; And Others… – CachedSimilar
    by M Carter – 1994 – Cited by 2Related articles

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